Testosterone Enanthate Iran Aburaihan

Testosterone Enanthate Iran Aburaihan

Testosterone Enanthate Iran 250mg/amp. (10 amp.), Aburaihan

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Testosterone Enanthate Iran Aburaihan

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Testosterone enanthate as well as its close relative testosterone cypionate are long-acting esters. The main difference is molar mass and size. Cypionate molecule is slightly heavier while still using the same amount of active substance (testosterone). Therefore we say 100 mg of testosterone enanthate ~ 12% more actual testosterone cypionate (but less than eg testosterone propionate or testosterone suspension) contains 100 mg. From the other side longer molecule takes more time, so that steroid act much longer to take apart. So, Cypionate produces its effect for slightly longer time. But basically both steroids are almost identical.

Every 5-7 days (more frequent shots will slightly increase the effect), preferably into big muscles like to inject the thigh or buttocks. Rotate injection spots to inflammation verhindern.Einige professional bodybuilders and powerlifters do 2000mg (2 grams) of testosterone enanthate daily (!) But such people do not need our advice and we do not believe this. A good idea for anyone Most advanced users will be very happy with a dosage 2000 mg / week if used standalone. Beginners can 500 mg / week, do from the lower doses is not so remarkable. If you do below 500 mg stacking with anabolic steroids like deca is necessary. 250 mg / week is the lowest possible volume, but better stay with 500 mg / week.

In simple words, if you take testosterone your existing muscle cells grow themselves and also produce new cells, leading to significant gains muscle and increase in power. New muscle fibers normally appear when high dosages used. In addition, there are also many other positive factors (general feeling of well-being, improved immune system, increased libido, etc.), as also have side effects, we should consider.

The effectiveness of testosterone depends on certain enzymes in the body. Testosterone and nandrolone, a "critical" enzyme 5-alpha-reductase. Especially important this enzyme is both steroids for long-acting esters. The increased amount of 5-alpha-reductase leads to accelerated conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). The latter is good for increasing libido, but not to build muscle. As you recall, in muscle fibers DHT is practically inactive (unlike in the skin and prostate). In addition, DHT is not as bad as anti-estrogen, but at hohendas level is not good for muscle gains (on one side, you try to kill estrogen to avoid side effects on other hHand, estrogen helps to build muscle mass). Therefore, testosterone and nandrolone are not ideal agents for athletes with elevated level of 5-alpha-reductase enzymes. How to Find your 5-alpha-reductase level? By special medical tests to take, or by carefully your body's reaction observed on different steroids

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