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If not for the cost, Anavar (oxandrolone) would be the most used anabolic steroid in bodybuilding communities. Even though it is 17 alpha alkylated, it is fairly safe on the liver.

An Anavar cycle will produce slow and steady strength and muscle gains through out a cycle. Users won't see any water retention, and most gains from an Anavar cycle are retainable. That being said, a steroid user won't see amazing gains from Anavar, but with so many positive aspects, Anavar is a very popular steroid. To the right are steroid pictures of anavar(oxandrolone).

To make Anavar even better, it is very mild on the HTPA (Hypothalamic-Testicular-Pituitary-Axis). This means, unlike Deca and testosterone, it won't completely shut down the HTPA. Many users have reported using Anavar, without taking Post Cycle Therapy. This means, if there was ever an oral steroid that could be taken without a testosterone base, this would be it. Testosterone is still recommended, but many first time users have taken Anavar alone for their first cycle, and had no problems with their libido.

Not having to worry about water retention, Anavar can be used for both dieting, and bulking. In the late 1990s, a common dosage was 25mgs per day for an Anavar cycle. A few years ago, most bodybuilders bumped it up to 50mgs per day, with good results, and no noticeable side effects. Today, there are some bodybuilders using 80-100mgs with no reported side effects. Many claim the results from using 80mgs+ compared to 50mgs per day, are astonishing. Results will vary with each individual, and the best method would be to include Anavar in multiple cycles, and finding the 'right' dosage.

Anavar Cycles

A very simple Anavar cycle would be 50mgs per day for eight weeks. Or if an individual wanted to 'push' it a bit, they could use 80mgs per day.

To add more to the mix, the user could add testosterone to the base of the cycle and add another steroid, such as, trenbolone or Equipoise for a 'cutting' cycle. Winstrol and Anavar would be a great combination, but a steroid user should never mix two orals, especially 17 alpha alkylated steroids.