Hygetropin 10 I.U.

Hygetropin 10 I.U.

Hygetropin 10 I.U. (Somatropin) HGH

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Well known for its drastic effects on fat burning, muscle tone and muscle mass gain in general, growth hormones are now very popular in competitive sports, bodybuilding, fitness and anti-aging, despite the intense cost involved. Everything you should know about growth hormone you can read here:


HGH has a number of features that make it extremely interesting for bodybuilders and other athletes. First of all, Somatropin promotes the growth of body tissue throughout the body, especially the muscle tissue. This growth promotion of HGH is based primarily on an increase in the number of cells in the respective tissue, which is based on an increased cell division rate, and to a lesser extent on a size growth of the cells. In addition, human growth hormone promotes the uptake of amino acids into the cells and accelerates the rate at which these amino acids in the cells are synthesized into proteins, which is equivalent to an increased protein synthesis rate, thus causing much faster muscle growth. These processes are actually triggered by IGF-1, which is produced in response to increased growth hormone levels in the liver and other body tissue types. This growth-promoting effect of somatropin also affects articular cartilage, connective tissue and other stabilizing structures in the body, reducing the susceptibility to injury and promoting healing of existing damage.

Another feature of HGH appreciated by bodybuilders is the promotion of body fat breakdown. Somatropin is able to reduce the rate at which body cells use carbohydrates for energy purposes while increasing the rate at which fat is used as an energy source. In addition, growth hormone promotes the breakdown of body fat in adipose tissue. Already 0.028 IU of somatropin per kilogram of body weight per day is enough to show a significant effect on fat burning. This would be a daily dose of 2.8 IU HGH per day for a 100-pound bodybuilder.


Because growth hormones are a very expensive drug, many bodybuilders use HGH either in too low dosages or too short a period of time to experience significant effects. It has been found that continuous, steady increases in growth hormone only become noticeable after a period of application of about two months. The dosages observed here are in the range of 4 to 6 IU somatropin per day, whereas in competitive bodybuilders dosages in the range of 8 to 32 IU HGH and more in practice should be the rule. The growth hormone application duration observed in practice starts at 3 months and is usually in the range of 6 months, with bodybuilders using somatropin all year round. HGH can be injected both subcutaneously and intramuscularly, with daily or even twice-daily injections being the norm due to the very short half-life of somatropin in the body in practice. Athletes usually use growth hormone in conjunction with androgenic steroids such as testosterone to promote muscle growth through two different mechanisms. In addition, thyroid hormones (liothyronine / T3) and insulin are often used in conjunction with somatropin because HGH reduces the body's secretion of these two hormones.